Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time-Consuming Shoes

My 10-year old daughter is a Wanna-Be Drama Queen in the Making...and she's doing a damn fine job of it, too.

On Sunday afternoon, we were getting ready to take the boat out for a spin on the lake...and I realized I had left my sunglasses on the kitchen counter.

"Pumpkin," I said in my most pleading voice..."can you please run up to the house really quick and grab Mommy's sunglasses?" I had pretty much ensconced myself in the boat and was quite comfortable, and frankly, running up the hill and then up the stairs to the kitchen didn't sound very appealing to me at all...but I REALLY wanted those sunglasses, dammit.

Daughter looks at me suspiciously...and says, "Do I have to put my shoes on?" (Apparently, she had already kicked her shoes off after boarding the boat. She was in the process of getting ensconced and comfortable herself.)

Hubby, always the safety expert, says, "Yes! There's rocks and stuff...and bees! You need your shoes!"

Daughter goes into full meltdown mode, throws herself dramatically across the boat seat, and whines in her best "woe is me" voice, "Oh, maaaaaaannnnnn...............It's going to take me FOREVER to put my shoes back on!"

I looked down to see what horrendous, time-consuming shoes she was wearing...and saw these:






I kid you not.

Wow. Apparently, I may have done too good of a job in raising the next Drama Queen...you think?




Anonymous said...

That's too funny!! :) Just think of how many times, as adults, we 'throw ourselves dramatically across the boat seat, and whine'- we just do it on the inside! ;)

I miss you!

Drama Queen said...

Hey, Wendy! Good to hear from you!

And you're right - I am still the Drama Queen - hence, the title! :)

And I miss you, too! We'll have to do lunch sometime soon!


Aunt Juicebox said...

ROFL Glad she's getting a good start on the drama! My daughter is the same way - she turns the least little thing into this huge deal, like I'm asking her to throw herself off a bridge or something.