Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ducklings vs Chocolate Syrup

Our rainy weather here the last few days in Kansas City has seriously been for the ducks...and you KNOW it's bad when you walk out your front door and seriously see ducks in your front yard:

Photo taken Thursday, 4/22/10 in my front yard....

Yes, we seem to have some fine-feathered friends that have decided to move in to the neighborhood, and the neighborhood gossips are saying that Mama Duck may soon be having baby ducks...won't that be fun?!

With all of this rain, I've been going a little I got inspired and headed to the kitchen the other day and started baking. I've made Chocolate Cherry Cobbler and then turned around and made Cream Puff Dessert...although the Cream Puff Dessert went to a party Friday night and now my children are upset that they didn't get to sample it.

"But you have DUCKS in your front yard!!" I pointed out to my own ducklings. "I mean, how cool is THAT?! Wouldn't you rather have ducks in your front yard than a Cream Puff Dessert?"

"But...the cream puff dessert had chocolate syrup!" they protested.

I countered right back with, "Yeah...but the ducks may soon have little yellow BABY ducklings!!!!"

The kids chewed on that for a minute...and then decided that I was right. Ducklings trump chocolate syrup any day.

Now - if I can just get those ducks to produce. Or reproduce. Or whatever it's called.


P.S. The recipes for both Cream Puff Dessert and Chocolate Cherry Cobbler will follow in subsequent posts....Check them out!


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