Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Squeakel

It's only April, and yet I feel that this year has been so educational for me.

In February, I learned to not fly in an airplane when you have congestion in your ears. Which was a painful lesson, to be true, but one I will certainly never forget.

And this week I learned that...if you have a sore throat for three days...and then you go to a concert...this will most certainly and most probably lead to complete and total laryngitis.

All I can manage is a squeak.

I sound like Alvin and his chipmunk friends.

Hubby thinks its funny. In fact, he called me "Goose" this morning because he thinks I sound like a honkin' goose. I told him I'd honk him if he kept it up. He gave me a worried look and then conveniently left the house to go run some errands.

So - in my quest to educate and inform and all that crap, take it from me. If you have a sore throat, and you INSIST on going to the biggest concert of the year - don't scream and sing a long and shout and "woo hoo" at the top of your lungs for 5 hours.

I'm just sayin'....



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