Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventures in Traveling

Twas' the day after Christmas,
and our house was a mess...
We were heading to Florida,
and it was creating some stress.

My kids were all packing
their electronic toys with glee...
Nintendo DS's and iPods
were their priority.

I was freaking out,
when I saw what they packed.
Underwear, socks, and clothing,
in general, they lacked.

Huge bottles of liquids
in their carry-ons they had.
I tried to explain to them
that TSA says that's bad.

I finally just took over
and kicked them all away.
I think this was their goal
as they scampered off to play.

We made it to the airport,
and thru security without fear.
Our flight went through Chicago
but our connection didn't appear.

The Holiday Blizzard had hit,
affecting thousands of flights.
We sat in Midway Airport forever,
thinking, "This really bites."

We'd packed some provisions,
and those electronic toys of ours
helped keep the kids comfy & busy,
as we whiled away the hours.

Our plane finally made it,
and we rolled into Florida very late.
We're just happy to have gone anywhere,
without too long of a wait.

So, we're here for a week in the South,
enjoying warm weather, food, and friends.
With cold weather waiting back home,
we hope our vacation never ends!


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Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

LOL...enjoy it!! I am glad you got there safely and without too much trouble. Great Post.