Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sock Market

Anyone remember the show, "Family Ties", which aired during the 80's and was reportedly President Ronald Reagan's favorite show? (Really...I'm not making that up.)

There was a character on the show, Alex P Keaton, portrayed by Michael J Fox, who was a teenager who had a passion for economics and wealth. A typical Alex quote was, "People who have money don't need other people."

My 11-year old daughter is seriously channeling Alex P Keaton lately - to the point where it's downright spooky.

She's always been somewhat of an entrepreneur, and she's always looking for ways to increase her wealth. She's definitely shrewd when it comes to finances, and she will constantly remind us when we get behind on paying her allowance.

Actually, we're behind on her allowance as we speak. As she has been reminding us over and over. Apparently, we owe her the ungodly sum of $79. Really. I'm not making that up, although I wish I was. I'm going to have to go the bank and take out a small loan to pay my daughter's allowance, at this rate.

The other day, I asked her what she was going to do with her allowance, once (and if) we pay her. Her response?

"I'm going to invest it. I'm thinking of stocks. Especially Disney stock."

WHAT??? Stocks????

What the devil does an 11-year old girl know about stocks????!!!!

I'm 48 years old, and I still haven't figured out the stock market.

For a brief moment, I thought she had misspoke, and meant to say "socks". As in Mickey Mouse socks on her feet.

But no. My daughter is the new-generation of Alex P Keaton. And she most certainly said stocks.





Bradley said...

I could do with $79, I tell you that. My car insurance is due.

Drama Queen said...

Your sister worked for 8 hours last Saturday, helping Jessica, she was working. What were YOU doing last Saturday??? Hmmmm????? :)

lacochran's evil twin said...

I've no idea why you wouldn't pay your daughter what you agreed to pay.

The fact that she's interested in investing her money for the future is a great thing. I'd think you'd want to encourage that. With potential compounding and splitting, she could possibly fund her retirement with this. Not that I'm a Disney fan, per se. I prefer index funds, myself--helps distribute the risk a bit.

Most people complain that their kids have no appreciate for the value of money. Sounds like she is just the opposite. Why not be proud?

Drama Queen said...

Oh, I'm certainly going to pay her what we owe her! This was written with a touch of sarcasm, but definitely pride! I'm very proud of her - that she's taken in interest in finances! :)