Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gimmee Attack: Foiled!

During this already stressful holiday season, my pre-teen daughter has developed a serious case of lust and greed, which is driving me bonkers.

For the last 2-3 weeks, Hubby and I have been subjected to a constant barrage of the dreaded "Gimme Attack", which begins as:

"I REALLLLLLY need more pairs of jeans..." followed by,

"I REALLLLLLY need new tennis shoes..." which is then followed by,

"I also REALLLLLY need a new coat...." and so on. And so on. And so on.

All done in a very whiny, pleading tone that just grates - GRATES - on our ears.


She must think we're deaf, (we ARE old, after all, in her mind) because if we don't jump up immediately to whisk this poor, deprived urchin to the mall to buy these desired items, she then repeats her requests. Again and again and again.

This spoiled-rotten daughter of mine has lots of jeans in her closet - but they're not all necessarily fitting her "perfect" (in her mind).

She has tennis shoes...but they're "dirty" from playing soccer. (her word, not mine)

She has a couple of coats - but they're not as stylish or as hip as the coats her classmates are now (apparently) sporting.

The other day, she drove me over the edge. When the dreaded "Gimme Attack" started, I calmly went over and picked up the local newspaper from our recycle bin.

They had just done a story that day about local children in our neighborhood who are going hungry at school, as well as at home, and it pointed out just how prevalent hunger is becoming.

It was a sad, and most-definitely, eye-opening article about kids who go home to eat a slice of bread for dinner.

And sometimes nothing else.

"What's this?" my daughter eyed the paper suspiciously.

"Just read it. And THEN come talk to me about what you 'need.'"

She read it. And nary a word has been said since about jeans, shoes, or a coat.

The dreaded "Gimmee Attack" has been foiled.

We are blessed. And I think she realizes that now, too.



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