Monday, December 20, 2010

Party Animals

Yesterday was quite the day at our house for visitors...

Our first visitor was this beautiful Red-Crested Woodpecker, who decided to drop in and peck on some trees in our backyard...

Later, this sleepy possum strolled into the backyard, scavenging around for an afternoon snack...

In the early evening, we had dozens and dozens of visitors of the Human kind, descending upon our house for food, fun and merriment.

It was our annual "Reindeer Games" night - where we party, eat, play lots and lots of games, and then eat some more. Followed by more eating. (you get the idea)

We're not sure what these Party Animals were doing at some point...our observations showed them contorting themselves into various strange positions on this mat labeled "Twister".

Even yours truly, the Drama Queen, found herself on this mat - that's me on the far left - before I got knocked over - and out - by that big guy next to me, who just happens to be Hubby, and who I think was sabotaging the Drama Queen on purpose.

We even observed a "double-decker" human...the bottom guy managed to play the entire Twister game with a little monkey on his back, which made for one tough game, I can only imagine.

Who knew the holidays would be so educational?

The study of Ornithology in the morning, followed by a lesson in Zoology, and completed with a most interesting study of Anthropology.

No WONDER we were exhausted last night.

(And I'm sure that game of Twister had nothing to do with it.)



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La'Tonya Richardson said...

That sounds like so much fun! We should try reindeer games. My house will be a constant revolving door during the holiday, kids seem to flock to my house. Why not make one or two nights game night.