Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party Animal

Way back in the Dark Ages, when I was a freshman in college and a newly-initiated sorority girl, the sisters held elections and I somehow managed to be saddled with the title of "Social Chairman."

Yes, lucky me was now in charge of planning all of the "social" events for the chapter - which in Greek Speak, means planning parties.

Whah? Me? Why would the sisters elect me? Previous to this, I had never planned anything in my life...other than planning on how to slide by through college with as little studying as possible, and planning on how to meet as many cute boys as possible while sliding by.

What did I know about planning parties? I knew nada.

So, I did what any good student does - I did "research." Which meant going to as many college parties as I could - every day, every night, every weekend - I was there. Doing research, of course, on the fine art of party planning. Lots and lots of research.

And I became the best damn Social Chairman I could possibly be. And I found out I was pretty good at planning parties.

Sorority girls aren't as stupid as we're sometimes made out to be. And my sorority sisters were pretty clever - they could see the potential in a shy, quiet college freshman - and took a chance. And I blossomed.

And now? Thirty years later, I am the Social Chairman Queen of the Family. If there is a party to be had, I'll be having it.

Oh, a birthday coming up? We must have a party. Christmas coming? We must have a party.

Oh, look - a squirrel just climbed that tree....we must have a party.

Any excuse to gather friends and family and celebrate, I'm all over it. Hubby sometimes calls me "Mrs. Fezziwig", from the character in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" - the celebrated hostess who always made merry. That's me.

The invitations just went out for this year's Christmas gathering, and so the party planning is in full swing.

Thanks, sisters...I owe it all to you and your faith in me all those years ago. Little did you know you created a monster.



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