Monday, December 13, 2010

This is 'Snow Not Fun!

Negative wind chills.

Snow drifts piled up outside the front door.

Wind blowing 30-40 mph.

Is it any wonder I will be moving to Florida in a few months? Brrrr.

This is what I woke up to in the midwest, and our first big storm of the season.

And yesterday was our town's Girl Scout Yule Log event - an annual event in which the little scouts head to a nearby camp, make crafts, eat cookies, drink hot chocolate - and then, joy of joys, tromp into the woods on a scavenger hunt to find your particular troop's Yule Log.

On a day when even two minutes outside was just brutal. Bitter. Painful.

The Yule Log hunt is always "weather permitting" - so, I figured for sure that wind chills in the single digits would be weather NOT permitting to slip and slide through the snow on a hunt for a stick of wood.


So, I gathered up the scouts, told them we'd probably be doing everything BUT finding the Yule Log, and we headed off to camp.

Being a good mom, I made sure they were all bundled up for the journey over, but did I bundle up myself?


Did I make sure that I had good footwear on? To tromp through snowy woods? Just in case?


So, who was not prepared to go tromping through snow-covered paths through the woods because it WAS weather permitting?

Me. The Leader.

A fine example I'm showing for my Scouts, huh?

Yes, to my complete & utter surprise & despair, the Yule Log hunt was a "go" - regardless of the snow, regardless of the cold, regardless of the wind. They DID make it easy, by marking the paths with bright pink ribbons. Yesterday was NOT a day when we needed anyone getting lost in the woods.

However - it was all worth it. The girls had fun. We were cold, but we warmed up with hot cocoa and cookies and made fun crafts and we now have a nice log to burn at our first camp-out this season. That we most definitely earned.

And my feet are finally thawed.




Aunt Juicebox said...

Insane! I would have cancelled the entire thing. When it's this cold, that is NOT weather permitting to me. lol I wish I was packing up my bags and moving to FL with you!

David said...

That made me smile! Reminds me of the days when my son was a scout. Brrrrr! I'm a fair weather camper!