Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Christmas Cantata Sung by a Drowning Cat

Did I ever mention that I am the world's best singer?


I'm tellin' ya', put me in my car with a good tune blasting, and I turn into a's best singer.

I hesitated there, because who really IS the world's best (female) singer? Celine Dion? Mariah Carey? Christine Aguilera? Ethel Merman? Cher?

Everyone has their own opinion, as my daughter would tell you that Hannah Montana is the best singer ever. Ack.

But in my own mind, I'M the world's best singer. When in my car. Alone. With the windows up.

Yesterday I was running errands, and I had my radio station tuned to some Christmas music. On came my #1 favorite Christmas song, "O Holy Night" (this version was by Josh Groban), which is just a truly fantastic song and just begs for a sing-along.

And so I did. I BELTED it out. Full blast, full-lungs, full power.

And I know that all of the cars around me fully appreciated that I had my windows up, so no one else was subjected to the torture of hearing me sing "O Holy Night" in all of my off-key glory.

I can't help it if I sound somewhat like a drowning cat when I sing. Everyone has their own unique style, and that just happens to be mine.

But singing is hard work, as I found out. I had no sooner wailed out the last note of "O Holy Night" when on came David Bowie and Bing Crosby, singing "The Little Drummer Boy."

Oh boy. Another favorite!!! Here we go again. Take a big breath and belt it out.

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon, I had pretty much completed a Christmas cantata, all by myself.

I was exhausted.

But it was too much fun.



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Toyin O. said...

Good for you, I love singing in my car too, but I won't go as far as calling myself the best singer in the world.