Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here We Come, A-Quacking

On the second day of Christmas, my sister-in-law gave to me:

...a Christmas duck family.

Seriously, these are probably some of the most "unique" Christmas decorations I own....I mean, a pair of ducks dressed up to go caroling, along with a teddy bear...? What is that all about?

I'm really not sure why the teddy bear was thrown into the mix, but there he is - part of a very strange Christmas-themed menage a trois.

This threesome was a gift given to me years and years ago by a former sister-in-law who lives in Carmel, California...and judging by the "uniqueness" of a lot of gifts we received from her, Carmel must be one very strange and eclectic place.

I don't mind "eclectic" - which is close to "eccentric" - which seems to describe me - and so the ducks/teddy bear come out every Christmas and sit on a table in our entryway.

Can't you just hear them now, singing, "Oh, here we come...a-quacking....among the leaves so green..."???



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