Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday: Quirky Things About Me

This week is the week from hell…my calendar has something on it EVERY single day and night – NO blank spaces!!! What’s with that?! I can’t stand it when I have no blank spaces on my calendar! Anyway, I don’t have much time – or energy – to do a “really cool” 10 on Tuesday, so here’s one I could do quick and easy. Quirky things…those things that make a person an individual….or “unique”…or just plain weird.

1. I am a little (okay, some people would say “a lot!”) OCD…I hate messes and disorganization and chaos, which is weird when I’m a Red Cross disaster volunteer – because, as we all know, disasters are messy and disorganized and chaotic! And yet, I thrive when I’m on a disaster scene. Huh. Go figure.

2. I don’t like anyone touching my face or my ears. Especially my ears. I will slap your hand away if you attempt to touch my ears.

3. I love catalogs. And they love me. I get hundreds of catalogs in the mail – especially this time of year. I am in catalog heaven right now. My mailman is in catalog hell.

4. I love to vacuum. I really do. I love vacuum lines on my carpet. They relax me. How weird is that?

5. I am not ticklish – which drives my kids crazy – as I love to tickle them. They do not get any revenge if they attempt to tickle me back. It just doesn’t work. I was born with tickle immunity.

6. The sound of someone clipping their nails is enough to send me over the edge. Seriously. I. hate. that. sound. My anxiety, blood pressure and tension will increase 10-fold if I hear someone clipping their nails. I seriously have to walk away.

7. I like solitude but I don’t like silence. I will always have the stereo on – while at home or at work – in the morning, I’m listening to news, traffic and weather – and the rest of the day? Music. Any kind of music – I love it all.

8. Speaking of music, I love to crank up my i-Pod when I cook. I will have the music on full blast and will dance with abandon in the kitchen, totally embarrassing my kids. Especially when I dance to “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. My kids hate that. ☺

9. I love to play hide-and-seek with my cat. I hide and he finds me. The other two pets just look at us like we’re crazy. Which we are – but in a good way.

10. I don’t like plaid shirts. On me. On others. On anyone. Bleh.

So, my Top 10 Quirky things – what is quirky about YOU? Do we share any quirkiness? Or am I just plain weird?



Anonymous said...

1. With two cats and two large dogs, every day is messy and disorganized at our house.

2. I won't "touch" that one. LOL

3. My catalogs get catapulted to the trash bin. Less chance for wifey to say. "Ooooooo, we need that!" LOL

4. Yes, you can vacuum up after my dogs. Thank you.

5. Yes, I remember. LOL

6. Just turn up your I-Pod. LOL

7. I always have to have something on as well. I'd say 95% music, 5% other.

8. I have to give cooking my undivided attention. Otherwise, someone's liable to get hurt.

9. I hide......my cats say, "Good ridence." Or at least that's what they would say if they could actually speak. But, I see that look on their faces.

10. But, I heard plaid was the new....plaid!

Take care. :)


Mary said...

I like to vacuum too so that can't be too quirky. The rest are a little weird, though.

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