Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Secret Rebel

A day for the memory books....

So begins our day in Norman, OK - just me and my son, Taylor. Today is the BIG day - the OU vs Baylor football game. Taylor is so excited he doesn't sleep much Friday night. I, however, sleep very well. Such are the benefits of an Ambien!

The forecast is partly sunny with a high of 59. We dress in many, many layers, knowing we will be outside for most of the day. After a quick breakfast, we hop in the car and head the 5 miles or so down the road to Owen Stadium. Parking is easy, as I have a Student Parking Pass - life is good.

We head to Campus Corner, which is the "happenin'" place before the game. Much to our delight, we found Billy Sims, the 1978 Heisman Trophy award winner, signing autographs.

Eventually, we made our way back to the Stadium and got there just as the Baylor football team was coming in from the bus.

The game was scheduled to begin at 2:30 pm; the gates finally opened at 1:00 pm. Taylor wanted to be one of the first ones in - can you tell he was a little anxious for this game? Here he is - and yes, our noses were almost bleeding in these seats - but they were pretty good seats...albeit a little shady for most of the game! Brrrr......

Now - I did indeed indulge my son by setting this weekend up. I indulged him by getting the football tickets. I indulged him even more by dressing in OU colors.

But - I had to draw the line somewhere...I've always been a bit rebellious, and today was no exception. You can dress the outside of me in crimson and cream, BUT - my heart will always belong to the University of Missouri...!

Eventually, the Pride of Oklahoma marching band came out and performed on the field. Exciting!

Then, the team came out - and we were pretty close to this, so this was even more exciting!

And the MOST exciting? It was 2008 Heisman Trophy award winner Sam Bradford's first game back in weeks after an injury. That was cool! And he played the entire game. Even better!

OU ended up wining, 33-7.

Good game. Good crowd. Good times. Now I just have to defrost a little bit!


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