Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Raining Leaves

Ahhhh….fall. I love this time of year. The absolutely gorgeous trees – chili on the stove – Friday night football games….crisp, blue skies...isn’t it wonderful?

And then…there‘s the leaves. Lots of leaves. Gazillions and bazillions of leaves. ALL on my yard. Seriously, where the hell did all of these freaking leaves come from? I swear my neighbors are bagging their leaves up at night and sneaking over and dumping them on my grass. Either that, or the leaves are having some serious sex out on my front lawn and reproducing a million times over every night. Because there’s no way on God’s green earth that all those leaves in my yard came from just my trees…!

Yesterday, it was raining leaves. Really. My cat and I sat and watched (we have no life) through the back windows – as thousands and thousands of leaves came down, every second, blanketing my grass with a carpet of red and yellow.

My cat watched in rapturous wonder – quivering in sensory overload as he planned his “cat strategy” by determining which leaf he would pounce on first. I watched in miserable despair – quivering in trepidation and resignation, knowing that all those leaves meant work for ME!

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter came skipping up to me in the kitchen and wanted to know what chores she could do in exchange for video game time.

Immediately, I had one of those “light-bulb” moments that are few and far between, but when I finally do have one – it’s usually pretty good.

Yuppers, I’m pattin’ myself on the back for THIS idea:

She's thrilled. (I can tell.) I'm thrilled. Life is good.



Jenny said...

Wow, the request for chores would have made my month! But that was a long time ago. Now my Granddaughters beg for chores to con my husband and I into getting a puppy - since their parents won't let them have one! Some things never change! Cute blog!

Mary said...

Good idea - keep the kids busy and out of trouble! But I don't think she looks too thrilled in this picture. Oh well!