Monday, October 26, 2009

My Good Taste in Music

When we gather around the dinner table as a family, I like to hook my iPod up to the speakers and play background tunes while we dine and converse. My iPod is filled with a wide assortment of music – rock, classical, country, hip-hop – and a parental goal of mine is to teach my kids an appreciation for all things musical – regardless of genre. If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I mean…. We want to “enrich our children’s cultural diversity” by exposing them to a wide variety of songs and artists. (Gee, that sounded good – so “lofty” and “Dr. Spocky”.... I’ll have to remember that in the future.)

The other night, as we were finishing up dinner, my daughter jumped up and said SHE was going to go and pick the next song we’d be serenaded with and enriched by.

I warned, “Don’t pick something stupid!” – half-jokingly, because if you’ve ever heard my 10-year old daughter’s taste in music, you’d say that, too.

At the EXACT moment I said that, and before my daughter even reached my iPod to put on her musical choice, on came the classic, unforgettable, oh-so-family-friendly, “Strokin” – by Clarence Carter. Blaring on the loud speakers for all to hear.

"Like THAT song!" I said - and then quickly glanced over at my hubby, who was giving me his exasperated look. (I seem to know that look very well. It always seems to be directed at me for some unknown reason.)

I put on my most innocent face, shrugged, and said, “I have NO idea how that song ended up on my iPod. Those silly kids must have accidentally uploaded it."

Do you think he believed me?



Jenny said...

Ha! I suspect he didn't! But at least you shook him up a little bit.

RC said...

Ha ha. Sounds like you got BUSTED! LOL

Mary said...

That's funny! I like that song - but I can see why it wouldn't be considered "family-friendly" at the dinner table!