Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

So I’m chatting with an old-but-new friend on Facebook this afternoon, and the conversation (somehow) turns to Christmas.

Admittedly, Christmas is a scant 80-some days away, but time flies – and besides, Christmas is always fun to talk about in my world.

We discuss the best music of Christmas (he likes James Taylor; I’m a Trans Siberian Orchestra fan, myself) and then the topic turns to movies relating to Christmas. Now, I’m not even going to get into a debate about what the BEST Christmas movie EVER is – there are so many, and they’re all so different – who can say what the BEST movie is??!

However, my friend and I both agree that “A Christmas Story” is arguably, one of the FUNNIEST movies ever – and especially about Christmas. It is a true classic. It’s one of those rare movies that you can watch over and over again and still laugh hysterically at almost every scene.

His favorite scene? The visit to Santa Claus – where Ralphie begs for the elusive, but dangerous Red Ryder BB Gun. My favorite scene? Hard to say; there are so many memorable ones – but I really like when the family goes to the Chinese restaurant for their Christmas dinner – and they’re serenaded by the waiters. The knife coming down – SWOOSH – chopping off the duck (or is it a goose?) head – kills me. And the version of “Deck the Halls” is a classic. I have to remind my kids that how they sing it in the movie is NOT how it really goes. Fa ra ra ra ra.

Little known trivia: the director of this movie, Bob Clark, initially wanted Jack Nicholson to play the role of “The Old Man.” That would have been weird. It was concerns over the high salary Nicholson would have demanded that led to Darren McGavin getting the role. Amen. I can’t imagine Nicholson in that role – I keep picturing him, with a huge leering grin, peeking in through the door at Ralphie, saying, “Heeeeeere’s Daddy!” Now THAT would have been funny, huh?! NOT!!!


P.S. The Kansas City Repertory Theater will be showing "A Christmas Story" on stage from Nov. 20 through Dec. 27th - it should be pretty good! Check out their website at for ticket information. Support Live Theater!

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T.S.O. gets my vote!