Thursday, October 29, 2009

Password Purgatory

So I get to work yesterday and I have a total brain fart and I can’t remember my password for my computer. I type in what I think it is – nope. Uh oh. I try it again – surely I made a typo, right? Nope. Not happening. Panic starts to set in – this can’t be happening?! How can I not know my password?

Hmmmmm….do you think maybe it’s because the average person now has to remember about two gazillion passwords? Okay – I exaggerate – the actual number, per Wiki Answers, is over 80. But still – eighty passwords for a Middle Aged Drama Queen is about 79 too many.

I used to write my passwords and PIN numbers down. That cost me dearly. Several years ago, my purse was stolen – with my ATM card in it – and written in a black Sharpie on the back of my ATM card? Yup – my PIN number. The cretin who swiped my purse hit the ATM lottery that day. Merry Christmas, Imbecile. (Okay – I know – I’M the imbecile for writing my PIN number on the back of my ATM card. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Even the cop who took my report called me stupid.)

Fortunately for me, all it took yesterday was a few deep breaths and an impassioned plea to the Password Gods and my brain fart passed. But one of these days, I’m going to totally lose all functioning brain cells and nothing’s going to bring those 80+ passwords back.

When that does, my name will change from Drama Queen to Meltdown Queen. It will not be pretty.


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Jenny said...

ACCCK.. I hate when this happens. I totally hate it. Sometimes (I am ashamed to admit) I do this with my address or phone number. Just sit there (looking much like your hilarious graphic) thinking ummm.... ummmm.... I know you're supposed to write them in your address book but how the heck am I supposed to remember to do that!!!! Oh, and thanks for not banning me from your blog!