Friday, October 9, 2009

Proof That My Baby Was Switched at Birth

On my blog, I write about important things, such as shoes…and football…and chocolate.

On my son’s blog, he writes about….well, I’m really not sure what he writes about, because frankly, I can’t understand it. Here’s a sample:

…When the war at last started in the spring of 431 (the Spartans violating a thirty-year period of peace by invading Attica), both sides claimed detailed grievances. The Corinthians, that rich city of the Isthmus, felt that Athens earlier had belligerently intervened on the side of the rival island of Corcyra against it in a series of disputes. Megara chafed under an Athenian trade embargo and asked for Spartan support. The Aeginetans, that eternal rival of Athens at sea, the “eyesore of the Piraeus,” claimed that Athens interfered in its internal affairs and looked to Sparta to preserve its sovereignty.


Now tell me that the hospital, 20 years ago, didn’t accidentally switch babies and send me home with the wrong one.



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