Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missing in Action: My Furnace

I wake up this fine, chilly, Saturday morning - and I'm freezing! I have frosty toes and a frosty nose - and I'm huddled under the covers shivering, thinking, "What the hell??!!"

Hubby comes in, peels back a blanket or two to find me, (or at least one eyeball - he's always satisfied if he can find at least one eyeball under my mountain of covers) and says, "Guess what?! Our furnace went out last night!"

"It went out?!" I mumbled....through chattering teeth. "Where the hell did it go? Tell it to come back. NOW!" The furnace NEVER asked for permission last night to go out. Nope. Not at all. Because I would have said an emphatic NO. It was very much needed here. At home. Doing its job.

Coincidentally, we were originally supposed to move yesterday from this house to the new house. But because of a few last-minute mechanical issues, the move was delayed until next week. It's very clear that the furnace thought it would have the old house to itself last night and decided to make a break for freedom - and go "out." Obviously, there was a furnace party somewhere - and now my furnace is M.I.A.

Boy, our furnace is in deep doo-doo when it decides to come back today. It is SO grounded.

Sometimes it's tough being a parent. Especially to wayward furnaces.



Mary said...

That's too funny - I hope its not too cold!

Drama Queen said...

Edited: It is now Monday, November 2 - and I believe my furnace is coming back home today. Finally. Did it fly to Vegas for the weekend? Who knows - but it has got some explaining to do, for sure!