Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear God: Please Protect My Son From Zombies

I am a mother. It’s only natural that I fear/worry/fret/obsess over my children’s safety when they are not with me. And today begins that dreaded time each year when I worry the most…because today? Is the beginning of Zombie week at my son’s university.

Yes – today is the first day for the next week (or so) when my son has to do everything in his ability and power to remain a human and not get eaten by the zombies that are now – even as we speak – roaming the campus. Shudder.

No mother wants her son to be eaten by a zombie – so I don’t think I’m alone in this. There are other mothers who are probably saying the same prayer that I am every day this week. There are other mothers who are probably frantically checking their student’s Facebook page every few hours, hoping against hope that their beloved’s status doesn’t say, “Oh yeah – got tagged today by a Zombie who proceeded to suck my brains out. It was really cool – and strangely gross at the same time. I am now a Zombie Warrior.”

A few months ago, during the annual Spring Zombie Attack, my son managed to stay human until the final battle. However, realizing his fellow few remaining humans were trapped and horribly out-numbered, he nobly offered himself up as a sacrifice in order to save mankind. Although I was understandably proud of him, I was, of course, devastated at his demise.

He was home last weekend for mid-term break. I said good-bye to him as he headed to his car to begin the long drive back to school. Suddenly fearing that it may be the last time I saw him in human form, a song popped into my head and I began mournfully singing, “Bradley, don’t be a hero – don’t be a fool with your life…..”

He never even turned around.

So…bear with me if I seem a little distracted the next few days. You would be, too, if your oldest child was dodging zombies.


For more “zombie” stories – check out the labels on the right. You can read my son’s first-hand account of his sacrifice last Spring to save the human race. It will move you to tears, I promise….


Mary said...

Okay I am a little confused. I guess I don't understand - this is a game they play at school? I haven't heard of it. Guess I'm behind the times or getting old.

Drama Queen said...

Wow...can't believe I never answered this comment! My brain must have been eaten by a Zombie!

Yes, Mary - it's a game that a lot of colleges will play, usually twice a year. A few "original zombies" are chosen, who then proceed to "feed" off the humans... their goal is to have killed off the Human Race by the end of the week.

You can do a google search on Humans vs Zombies and get the official website, which has all of the rules.

The kids love it - it gets them out, socialized, and familiar with the campus.