Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

I haven't done a "10 on Tuesday" in forever - and in the interest of time - because I, as usual, am crazy-busy and doing good to find time to just breathe - decided its quick and easy to do a 10 on Tuesday - and isn't this the longest damn sentence you've just about ever seen? Whew. Glad its over.

Anywho, today's 10 on Tuesday is all about guilty pleasures...you know we all have them...but are we brave enough to share them with others? These are the things that I know I probably SHOULDN'T indulge in - for money, calories, whatever reasons - but I just can't help it. Every now and then, I just HAVE TO.

1. Chocolate Martinis....
Mix up some Grey Goose with a little chocolate & cream...Delish.

2. Ethel M Chocolates
Speaking of chocolate, these are some of my most favorite candies - especially the lemon and raspberry creams. Hubby will sometimes indulge me and order some online to be delivered. Smooth, sweet with a bit of tang.

3. Flying 1st Class
I don't do this very often - but it IS really nice to be a little pampered on a flight...the pre-flight champagne, the food, the drink, the pillows, the comfort kits...Bliss.

4. Theater Season Tickets
Hubby and I have season tickets to three area venues - I LOVE live theater....I keep thinking of all of the money we're spending, and it brings on a little bit of guilt - but I guess I can look at it that I'm helping the theater companies stay in business, right?!

5. Fast, Hot Cars
I have a bit of a passion for cars that are sexy, fast and hot...no minivan for me - I want something that will attract attention when I'm driving down the road. But not the attention of the cops, of course....!

6. Housecleaners
I like to have someone else come in and do some of the cleaning - especially the bathrooms. I don't mind dusting or vacuuming - but I HATE cleaning bathrooms - and so I indulge. I like to think it keeps my sanity.

7. Gadgets
If there's a new gadget out there - I probably have it. I have an addition for gadgets - perhaps more of a sickness - and I like to be on the cutting edge of technology by trying all of them out.

8. Handbags
Whether its a Coach bag, D&B bag, or even just a simple Mishe bag - I have a passion for purses. At some point, I have to ask myself - how many purses does one person really need?

9. The Real Housewives on Bravo TV
I watch them all...Atlanta, Orange County, New York...and yes, even New Jersey. Its pure trash TV, for the most part, but I get a guilty pleasure in indulging myself by watching the ladies and their antics.

10. Sleeping In
I love, love, love to sleep in...I would, if I could, sleep until 11:00 am every morning - but that ain't happening...darn it. Not enough hours in the day if I indulged in that. But I can dream, right?!

So, there's my guilty pleasures...what are yours?




Rayna M. Iyer said...

I can see someone is a chocoholic. May the addiction never fade.
Must try the first!

And sleeping in? When will the kids grow up enough for me to be able to do so at least once or twice a week?

Terri said...

I could have written this post myself! We like all the same things! Have you had Godiva Chocolate liquer? Don't shoot me after you try it. Amazing.