Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Snow Cone Shower

I had a date with my daughter last night...the two of us went to a local outdoor theater, where we had dinner and then watched a play....

The play was, "Little House on the Prairie - the Musical" - starring - you guessed it - Melissa Gilbert, of "Laura" fame from the original TV series. My daughter is a HUGE "Little House" fan - so this was a special treat for her to go.

I'll confess - I never read the books, nor did I ever watch the TV series. Ever. And before you berate me, or call me evil names, just back off...! I LOVED to read - but I didn't want to read about families in log cabins on the prairie. Give me a book about Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth any day, and I was a happy girl. Or a Judy Blume novel - those were awesome.

So, any who, daughter and I went and had dinner, and then watched the show. And it was outside. And it was hot. And humid. Even in the evening - it did not cool off. At all. And I felt like my internal oven was at 400 degrees or something, as I was dying. Seriously.

But daughter really enjoyed it, which made it all worthwhile. As well as the play, she enjoyed ice cream at dinner and a snow cone during the play.

She's lucky I didn't grab that damn snow cone and dump it over my head to cool off. I was considering it.

This will be one of those times that she'll always remember because it was fun, and she got to eat cool things, and she got to see one of her favorite books come to life. I'll always remember it, as well, as the night that I just about spontaneously combusted due to the heat and came THIS CLOSE to dumping a snow cone over my head.



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Terri said...

I am so glad you showed a bit of restraint and let your daughter eat her snow cone!

You have gotta read the Little House books. Some of them have quite the adventure in there!