Thursday, June 10, 2010

Death to Pinky

I have a confession...

Our trip to Florida wasn't totally successful...

We had a casualty.




I killed my camera.

We were at the beach, and I had my absolute favorite little Sony Cybershot camera out so I could take fabulous photos of the waves, the family, and the sunsets....I love this camera-first and foremost, because it's PINK. It's so pretty...all pink... I also love this camera because it's sentimental...I bought this camera in Baton Rouge the day before Hurricane Gustav hit. I was on assignment with the Red Cross, and I wanted to capture the storm on film. The camera performed admirably, and has since traveled with me around the world, never complaining....

So, we're at the beach, and I realize "Pinky" has gone missing. After a frantic search, I found her, buried in the sand. It might as well have been her grave, as she has been dead ever since. Kaput. Sand and cameras do not get along.

I took Pinky to the Camera E.R. when we got home, but the camera doctor said it would cost more to fix her than it would for a new camera.


We had the funeral yesterday.

I'm still grieving, but I know, with time, I'll recover.

I'll get a new camera, but it won't be the same. Sniff.

I miss Pinky.


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Rayna M. Iyer said...

I lost my dear Cannie who captured both my kids from babyhood to toddlerdom in a freak accident - she fell into a lake, and I couldn't fish her out.
I feel your pain.