Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Disaster in the Front Office

I started a new volunteer position today...I spent several hours at the church office, manning the front desk.

Boy, did I ever feel all powerful!

I signed for packages from the UPS guy AND the Fed Ex guy - double bonus, woot!

I directed visitors to the bathrooms and the drinking fountains...

And I managed to only cut off two people on the telephone. Which is a small miracle, because I am so NOT a phone person. Give me email any day, please. And I only left one person on hold for an extended period of time...accidentally, of course. Oops. I apologized.

This is just a once a month gig, thank God...I can't create too much havoc only one day a month.

And if I'm lucky, the word will get out that the 3rd Wednesday of the month is NOT a day you want to call the church. Who knows how long you'll sit on hold....Oops.


1 comment:

David said...

That's wonderful that you volunteer your time and talents! It would be a privilege to be hung up on by you! lol