Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 3: Photo of My Street

A photo of my street?

Who the heck cares what my street looks like?

I'm doing the Summer Photo Challenge, and this is what today's "challenge" is...perhaps the challenge is trying to figure out why anyone would be interested in what my street looks like.

My house is a log cabin - rather unusual for the suburbs of Kansas City - but I like it, as it reminds me of Jackson Hole, one of my most favorite places on earth.

I live at the lake...I have woods across the street from me:

Lake roads are somewhat curvy, as they follow the outline of the lake...we live on a "curve", so to speak....this is what it looks like looking to the left of my house....

...and this is what it looks like looking to the right side of my house....

...and then I attempted to do a panoramic of the street, and I got this very weird picture that is very distorted, to say the least. The curve we live on is NOT that curvy.

I like my street. It's quiet, having the woods across the road from us. It's peaceful. We get a lot of wildlife on my street. There's not a day that goes by that I don't see SOMETHING as I drive down my street: deer, raccoon, squirrels, bluebirds, hawks, buzzards, possum, fox, skunks, turtles,'s a smorgasboard of wildlife as I navigate the road to my house. I don't mind seeing LIVE animals - it's the dead ones I mind. Yuk.

Today is a peaceful day...I've been crazy busy all week, and today is a rare day when I have nothing on my calendar. I like those types of days every now and then - they allow me to relax and rest and restore my soul.

Have a great one, everyone.



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Lora said...

Your house is beautiful! I'm jealous of that lovely, weedless landscaping!