Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Own Twilight Experience

Yesterday was World Blood Donor Day.

Huh. Who knew?

I imagine there's a day for everything under the sun, if you really think about it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that EVERY day is "Middle Aged Drama Queen" Day in which the Queen is celebrated and revered. Ahem.

Anyways, are you a blood donor? I have the ever popular, type O+ blood...so I have been a frequent donor over the years. Sticking needles in my arm doesn't really bother me. Now, if the same needle were to go into my butt (for a shot), that's a whole different blog post.

Many, many moons ago - I was a student teacher at a local high school here in town. I was all of 21 years old - not much older than some of the students I was teaching, actually. The Senior Class had a blood drive in the spring, and I thought I would set a good example for the students and give blood.

The blood drive was held in the library, and it was packed that afternoon - what with nurses, students, and teachers - all participating in the philanthropic event. I had finished giving my pint, and stood up to walk over and get my desired cookie of choice, when - all of a sudden - BAM. I hit the floor. In a dead faint. Passed out cold.

The students thought I had died, or something. In their eyes, I was "old" (at the age of 21!!!) and old people had heart attacks, you know....It didn't take long before I "came around" - good smelling salts will do that to you (WHEW!) - but I never did live that down. I was teased and tormented by my students until the last day of school - all I had to do was hiccup in class, and a student would be saying, "Are you going to pass out on us?"

Yes, I will live in infamy now as the teacher who fainted during the blood drive in the Spring of 1984 at Hickman Mills High School....

I can only imagine at THEIR class reunions, the students are probably sitting around saying, "Remember that teacher who fainted? That was pretty cool...."

The things I do to entertain others. Geesh.




lacochran's evil twin said...

But did you get the cookie??!

Rayna M. Iyer said...


When you are in high school, 21 does seem ancient!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Ooo, that sounds like it hurt!

it's hard to live down things like that. But when you do something wonderful, it's easily forgotten!