Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend in Review: Saying No to Tim

You know your weekend was somethin' else when you're relieved that it's Monday and it's over...

Not that my weekend was bad or anything - oh no! Far from it! It was just...busy. As usual.

Friday night, I took daughter to Starlight Theater to see "Little House on the Prairie - the Musical." Now, Starlight Theater is an outdoor theater in the heart of Kansas's been there forever (since 1950), and Hubby and I have had season tickets forever. Through the years, we've managed to move closer and closer to the stage, and our seats are so awesome right now that I wouldn't give them up if you paid me. I've worked too hard and long to get those seats where they are!

There's an onsite restaurant at the theater, so daughter and I went and had a delicious dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing (I guess this ties into the theme of "Little House"????). For dessert, daughter had chocolate ice cream, followed by a taste of brain freeze....

Did I mention the theater is outdoors? Have I mentioned before how hot it gets in the summer in Kansas City? And humid? Friday night, it was HOT. I mean, the rubber on my sandals was melting as I stood on the pavement. My butt was melting as it sat in the plastic seat. I was melting as I sat through 2 hours of a musical featuring Laura Ingalls Wilder...certainly not a favorite of mine, but daughter loved it. Loved it. And that made it all worthwhile. The good news is, I probably sweated off about 15 pounds.

Saturday, I was a little lazy and sat down to catch up on my TIVO list...I watched "Bethenny Getting Married?" - which was somewhat of a snoozer - and then watched two episodes of "Top Chef" - which are always exciting. I LOVE "Top Chef" - and this season is brand new and taking place in Washington, DC. It's on Wednesday nights on Bravo - it's a must-see!

Saturday evening, Hubby and I went out for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, "Kabuki". I had the tempura shrimp - which was awesome - and a chocolate martini (or two) as a compliment to the meal. Delicious. I am such a sucker for chocolate martinis. We then went to another local theater in town where we have season tickets at, the American Heartland Theater. Thank God this theater is indoors and air-conditioned! Although I could have stood to sweat off the poundage I gained from eating that fried shrimp. Oh well.

We watched a performance of "The Dixie Swim Club", a surprisingly good play covering a span of 33 years of 5 women. That doesn't sound good when you type it and look at it - but it was sweet, poignant, and extremely acerbic and funny. Hubby was laughing at one point, so hard, I thought he would need CPR or something. He was rolling. It was a great evening.

That night, though, I had major, major insomnia. It was at least 2:00 a.m. before I managed to fall asleep - and wouldn't you know it, a thunderstorm rolled through around 6:30 a.m., waking me up. ARGH!!!! Curses!!!!

Sunday, I wearily headed to my "old" church - the church we attended before we moved several months ago. The church is heading to Russia in November for a mission trip, and I'm onboard. I had a meeting to attend at 11:15 to discuss the upcoming trip - an orientation, so to speak. It will be very cold, but I've heard the children at the orphanage we work at will warm our hearts, so I'm excited about going.

At 12:15, I switched gears and presented a cultural presentation on Guatemala to our team that's headed there in two weeks. Before speaking, though, the church had cooked up some delicious tacos and chicken enchiladas for lunch - delish. Between my 1-hour talk, lunch, and then some last-minute Q&A about Guatemala, I didn't get home until 3:00 p.m. I was pooped!

One of my favorite pics in Guatemala - taken in 2007

I was so pooped, that when my buddy JoAnn offered me FREE tickets to see Tim McGraw in concert last night, I turned them down. WHA?!!??!! Did I just DO that??! I can't believe I turned down free tickets to see my King of Country, Tim. I've seen him several times in concert, and he's just as yummy in person as he is on the radio...Faith Hill is one lucky woman. But...I was tired. And I wanted to head to bed. Early. Even Hubby looked at me like I was crazy. Not crazy, though. Just...exhausted.

Sunday evening, we headed to dinner at Chili's Restaurant...where I had some safe, but bland, chicken quesadillas. I say "safe" because they didn't hurt my stomach, which is a good thing...but they were rather bland. I'm not a huge Chili's fan, but its close, convenient - and we had a gift card to use.

I finished a great book last night before falling asleep... "Alone" by Lisa Gardner.

It's a thriller, and I propped my eyelids open with toothpicks last night so I could finish it.

And then...blessed sleep. Aaaaahhhhh. The things we take for granted sometimes.

That's it - my weekend in review. So, how was YOUR weekend?



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