Tuesday, June 29, 2010

THIS...Just Creeps Me Out

This is just creepy.

The other day I received a "friend request" on Facebook from someone who I didn't recognize....

I sometimes get friend requests from fellow Red Crossers that I haven't seen in a year or two - so I thought, "Perhaps this guy is someone I've worked a disaster with...I'll check it out."

I went to his home page, and what I saw there - well, it was just creepy.

The guy has 25 friends...and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is named Sherri. (In case you hadn't figured it out, my first name is Sherri.)

I'll repeat that, in case you missed it the first time. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS 25 friends is named Sherri. And they all spell it the same way, too...with an "i" instead of a "y".

You won't believe me, so I took a screen print of his page....

Is this guy obsessed with women named "Sherri"????!!! What would possess (obsess?) a guy to ONLY have friends named Sherri? Is he collecting Sherri's???!!?

Needless to say, I did not accept his friend request. I mean, what's one less Sherri in your collection?





lacochran's evil twin said...

How bizarre.

Almitra said...

I've had several people friend request me that I didn't know. I usually send them a message asking how we know each other. One guy said he was "just friend requesting all the fly honeys" (I'm not making that up!) Another guy friend requested me because I'm a fan of the local school district and he does business with the district. How that makes sense, I don't know.

And here's a weird one...My sister's ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago has friend requested me three times! I hit ignore, he sends another request. Talk about creepy!

David said...

Very odd. Perhaps there's a romantic story. Years ago, a crowded room, a smile, a name on a matchbook "Sherri." But then he spilled his drink, the ink ran and he couldn't make out her phone number. Now he searches the world for a second chance with his one true love.

OK, maybe not!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

This is quite the creepiest thing I have ever heard. I get requests from boys looking for a relationship, but that is fair game compared to this!