Friday, October 1, 2010

A $25 Dress Barn GiveAway!

I was SUCH a bad girl last night.

It wasn't my fault. (Wait - doesn't everyone say that??!!)

Awhile back, I received an unexpected (but very welcome!) email from a wonderful lady at Dress Barn. Jessica wrote to invite me to attend a grand opening of their new store, which was opening just a few short miles down the road from my house.

This was GREAT news for me, but not-so-great news for Hubs. If he had his wish, all clothing, shoe, handbag and jewelry stores would be AT LEAST 500 miles away from our house. Silly Hubby. I would just use the power of online shopping if that were the case...distance will not stop me from a fabulous deal!

So, last night I headed the few short miles down the road to Dress Barn, where I was met by a fantastic sales associate, Melody.

Before I could even take in the wonderful kaleidoscope of textures and colors and styles feasting in front of my eyes, Melody had me in a dressing room where she was plying me with tops, pants, and dresses to try on.

The good news - they were all very comfortable and tailored and fit like a dream.

The bad news - they were all very comfortable and tailored and fit like a dream.

How could I say no to these oh-so-stylish ensembles that were staring me back in the mirror?

I couldn't. Say no that is.

And that is why I was a very bad girl last night. Although - I DO have to say that the prices were surprisingly affordable. I would sneak a peek at a price tag, and be pleasantly surprised at the number I would see. "Not bad," I would think.

Most of those ensembles ended up coming home with me and are now hanging in my closet.

I'll have to be a very good girl with Hubs for the next few weeks for penance.

But it was SO worth it. I will be STYLIN' this fall!

Today, I have a 20% off coupon for EVERYONE AND a $25 gift card that will be given to a random commenter - so, leave a comment and tell me how YOU'RE getting ready for fall! If your comment is chosen at random, I'll send it on to you, so YOU can be a bad girl, too!




LDswims said...

Sounds like fun. You should post some pics. :)

Katie J said...

I love the Dressbarn! There is one within walking distance of my work! My goal is to be able to shop on the "other" side of the store ;-D

Thanks for the opportunity!

Mental P Mama said...

Fun! But don't send it to me! I still have to finish getting rid of my bottom!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Back home in Mississippi, getting ready for fall meant putting up the shorts, but now I am in Upstate New York and it means buying a snow suit!

Liz said...

I'm getting ready for fall by trying to figure out where I put all my fall/winter clothes last year! Where do the gloves go?