Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zombies in Our Basement

Through a series of timely events today, we had zombies in our house for a brief moment.

My oldest son, Brad, came home this weekend from college, so that the family could make merry tonight and celebrate his belated 21st birthday. He arrived at our house at about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon....

We were all getting ready for the big shindig later, so Daughter was in her room, cleaning...Hubby was doing yard work...and I was in the kitchen, making lots of chips and dips and cookies and cakes...And chocolate martinis. Ahem.

Once Brad arrived, I did the usual kissy-kissy, "how are you, how are your classes, how are your grades?" thing, and then he retreated to his bedroom for awhile. He had a kick-ass "zombie" video game he wanted to play.

About 20 minutes after he disappeared into his bedroom, Daughter came running up the stairs from HER room, with a most freaked-out expression on her face - pure horror, pure fear, pure terror....She says, breathless, "Mom! OMG! There are some REALLY WEIRD NOISES coming from Brad's room!" She added, in the most ominous voice I have ever heard, "THERE MUST BE SOMEONE IN THERE!!!! Someone SCARY!!!"

I replied, "Yeah. Your brother."

I guess she had missed his arrival and had no idea he was home. It would have been too funny if not for the pure fear on her face for that brief minute she thought a zombie had invaded our house.




Aunt Juicebox said...

Ha! Is that a real game? Because seriously, I want that. lol

Bradley said...

Psh. She left out the best part: I was playing as the zombies against some other poor saps. Om nom nom.