Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Review: The Lazy Edition

After the totally insane, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking, crazy-busy three days last weekend, I really, REALLY needed a quiet, peaceful weekend...the kind of weekend where you just vegetate and relax and be lazy and do nothing.

Well. Nothing, except watch football.

Duh. I may be tired, but I'm not dead. Geesh.

My plan was to be so lazy, that even my cats would look at me in disgust and wonder what I was good for. Yeah - THAT lazy.

So, Friday night was spent watching the original "Pirates of the Caribbean" on the Boob Tube. Family Movie Night, and all that. Having seen this movie approximately 1,293,572 times, I still love watching Captain Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp, sashaying across my screen.

And, after completing the movie for the 1,293,573rd time, I still didn't understand half of it.

But that's okay. Cuz' if Johnny Depp is on the screen, I really don't need to follow the plot. I just follow his brown eyes. Ahem. All from the sanctuary of my sofa. And my cushions. And my sofa pillows. Bliss.

Saturday, I actually managed to muster up a tad bit of energy, and headed out to do a Red Cross safety exhibit for about three hours.

The exhibit was outside. The good news? It was like a spring day - temperatures were not too bad. The bad news? It was like a spring day - so the wind was blowing 100 mph, and my brochures and signage kept blowing halfway to Oklahoma. Nothing like chasing papers and brochures and signs over a parking lot all morning.

Running around in circles for three hours on a Saturday morning will take a bit out of ya', so when I got home that afternoon, I plopped (I love that word - "plopped." So descriptive.) in front of the Boob Tube again, only this time, it was tuned in to college football.

First on the agenda? My #1 SEC team, Auburn. I have been a Tigers fan for many, many years, which makes no sense, living in the midwest, as I do, so don't ask me to explain, because I really can't. As I said, it makes no sense.

Anywho, Auburn beat LSU. Check. One down.

That evening, my #1 Overall College team, Missouri, played the Sooners in front of a national audience. Two unbeaten teams - Missouri's homecoming - it had all the makings of a good game.

And it was.

My Missouri Tigers beat Oklahoma. Check. Two down.

Sunday was spent watching my beloved #1 NFL team, the Chiefs, take on Jacksonville.

My boys in read beat the Jaguars. Check.

A perfect Football Trifecta for the weekend.

Life is good.

My sofa was better.

And I out-lazied my cats.



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Jenny said...


Apparently you meant to write Boise State.

I love their 'tricks'!

And your post totally cracked me up.

Did your cats every give you the look?