Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was driving down the road yesterday, on my way to visit my parents, when Hubs called me on my cell phone.

In a somewhat panicky tone of voice, he asked,

"Have you seen my cell phone anywhere?"

Because, of course, one of my jobs as the Mom/Wife is the "All-Knowing Seer...So When Things Get Lost, I Know EXACTLY Where to Find Them."

Yeah, right.

I answered, "Sorry, dear...I know you had it yesterday..."

I went on to suggest that perhaps he should call it, and see if it "rings" anywhere in the house where he could hear it. He said he would try that, and promptly hung up.

About 30 seconds after hanging up from Hubs, I arrived at my folks' house, where I spent a lovely afternoon socializing with the family.

Imagine my surprise, when several hours later, I went back to my car and discovered this in the front driver seat:

Oops. I guess I had been sitting on my Husband's cell phone the ENTIRE TIME on my way over to my parents' house, and never knew it. I swear, I got into the car in a very, dark garage - and black on black, in a dark garage, is my excuse. And I'm sticking to it.

The good news was, I was able to call Hubs and say, rather meekly, "I found your phone."

Talk about "butt-dialing."



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Mental P Mama said...

Well. You found it, didn't you???