Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Call Me an Old Buzzard

We have a group of buzzards that like to swoop and soar over our lake house....(and did you know that a group of buzzards is officially called a "wake"? I didn't know that...the things you learn when you're blogging!)

The other day, I happened to glance out the back window, and I saw the "Winnebago Wake" hanging out in my backyard...and one bird in particular really got my attention.

With his enormous, magnificent wings spread, he was just...sitting there.

I had enough time to go to the garage, get my camera out of my purse from the car, go back to the window, and take his photo. He hadn't moved a feather.

I guess he was soaking in the sun...perhaps letting the warmth of the sunshine dry and warm his wings.

And I got to thinking...I'm just like that old buzzard. I've "flown" down here to Florida, just to spread my wings a little and soak up the sunshine and the warmth.

Now if only I could really fly back to Kansas City with my own wings, rather than the we all know how well THAT went on my way down. Hah.



1 comment:

Mental P Mama said...

Love the analogy! Soak up some warmth for this old buzzard, too, will ya?!