Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend in Review: The Pain Edition

Hold on to your horses, dear readers, as this is one EXCITING "Weekend in Review" edition! Not.

Friday: I woke up with severe stomach pain...but spent the day cleaning the house in Ft. Myers and packing to come home to Kansas City.

Thrilling, yes? No. I know.

However - a bit of excitement is when I fixed - ALL BY MYSELF - the jammed garbage disposal in the Ft. Myers house that night. Now, you just KNOW your life is thrilling when you find yourself, lying on the floor, with your head stuck under the sink, fixing a garbage disposal on a Friday night. Gah. But, did I mention, I did it ALL BY MYSELF? Oh, I did? Well, I was just a tad bit proud of myself there.

Saturday: Still in pain - but toughed it out to catch my flight home to Kansas City. There's nothing like being in pain on a plane. (Hey - a rhyme!)

Thank goodness all of my flights were smooth and everything went like clockwork, and I had some amazing seatmates on the plane (one of whom lives in Ft Myers and we exchanged phone numbers and will now be lifelong best friends forever....okay....maybe that's a tad bit exaggerated, but we did have a lot in common, and we ARE going to keep in touch.)

Sunday: Although it was good to be back with my own family, there's nothing like waking up and realizing you STILL don't feel well. Gah.

This just sucks...pain and illnesses and viruses are all supposed to only last 24 hours - that's how it works in my world, and I don't like it when things deviate and don't go according to plan, because, really, I'm much, much too busy to have to deal with feeling like crap....Really.

This all actually started last Wednesday, in Ft. Myers...I believe it's the continuation of my ongoing stomach issues, and so, this week, my goal is to get the nerve up to find a new doctor.

I hate doctors - I hate tests - I hate medical bills. But - something is definitely wrong, and it's time to get it looked at. Again.

Because I can't go around faking smiles for the world when inside, I feel like everything's all twisted up and knotted and out of whack. Bleh.

And my wonderful magic pills that my original doctor gave me for the pain have the unmitigated GALL to quit working....! The nerve!!! I demand a refund! I demand justice! I demand satisfaction! Actually - I would just be happy if a Tylenol worked, but alas...tis not to be.

What an exciting weekend, huh? And the Chiefs lost. (But I kinda' expected them to lose, so it wasn't too much of a big deal. I could deal with that. Really.)




Mental P Mama said...

Well, I am proud of the disposal business and your new BFF, but you need to get that stomach checked out. Now. With all your third-world travel, you could have picked up a bug...listen to Mama!

Drama Queen said...

Mama - you're so right; after all the poking and prodding before, my doctor had said it was probably some mysterious "jungle bug", but really didn't offer much relief other than the magic pills...which aren't so magical anymore.

I woke up this morning - and same pain. Argh. It's getting very old, very fast! :)