Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seniors and Social Media

My sister got married over the weekend...

Traci & Jason...

...which made for one long and insanely crazy-busy three days...

Friday afternoon was the rehearsal, of which I had to attend, as I was doing a reading during the ceremony....The venue was way up north - about 300 miles from my house, or so it seemed, and it took near forever to get there and then it took near forever to get everyone involved to settle down and actually start "rehearsing."

My sister had given me an excerpt from Kahlil Gibran's book, "The Prophet," to read. But, in the interest of having some fun and generating some laughs, when it was my turn to go up and actually read during the rehearsal, I instead, did the famous Peter Cook scene from "The Princess Bride", seriously intoning,

"Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together...." In my best Peter Cook voice and accent. Of course.

My sister and her fiance, Jason, died. From it was all good.

Doing the "real" reading at the joking here!

Then, we drove the 450 miles back to my house, where Hubs and I hosted the Rehearsal Dinner for about 55 people, 30 of which were children, so it seemed more like 326 people in the house. Whew. Fun.

Sunday was the actual event - and it was beautiful and my sister looked beautiful and I did the REAL reading and all was well.

My mom took about 462 photos that day - both before the ceremony, as well as afterwards...and she proceeded to post them on Facebook yesterday for everyone to enjoy.

Mom & Dad at the wedding

And here's where the trouble began.

My mother had taken a photo of my sis in the dressing room, with my sister showing off her garter belt. My sister was wearing her camisole, her panties, and the garter. And nothing else.

And my mom posted this picture on FACEBOOK!!!!

When I saw it yesterday, I first spewed my Diet Dr. Pepper all over my computer screen, and I then picked up the phone and immediately tried to call my Mom to tell her to GET THAT PHOTO OFF!

Mom didn't answer the phone. She wasn't home. Uh oh.

No telling how many perverts had seen the photo by now.

I left a somewhat panicked voice mail for my mom, imploring her to take that photo down.

About 30 minutes later, my sis calls me from her honeymoon in Florida...she had now apparently seen the photo, and was calling me in a panic, imploring me to take the photo off of Facebook.

I told her I hadn't put it up - therefore, I couldn't take it down - but I had already called Mom and given her explicit instructions.

Sister decided to call Mom, too, and EMPHASIZE the need for immediate removal of that photo.

Mom called about an hour later...saying, "I took it down. I don't see what the big deal couldn't see anything."

"Mom...she was in her UNDERWEAR!"

"I know that...but the picture was in good couldn't see anything. She looked pretty."

"Mom...I repeat...she was in her UNDERWEAR!!! You DON'T put photos like that on Facebook!!!!"

Geesh. I'm not so sure that seniors and social media are a good fit sometimes.

Me and my kids at the wedding...haven't had a photo with the 3 of them in a long time!



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Emily said...

Hahaha! Definitely not in good taste to have that kind of photo up but it DOES make for an amusing story. :) Congrats to your sister on her marriage and you for gaining a brother in law!