Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Always Sucked at Algebra

Today's post resembles an Algebra equation - but if you can stick with it, and follow it, it's rather amusing....

Last night, Hubs(H) took his son, Evan(E), out for dinner for Evan's birthday. Evan turned 25 yesterday, and Hubs thought it would be nice to spend some time with him over a nice dinner.

Hubs' ex-wife, Judy(J), decided to tag along on the dinner...and why not? They get along, so it was all good.

Did I go? Um, no. I had Girl Scouts last night, so Daughter and I were at our meeting, happily discussing Leadership. Fun stuff.

So, Hubs and his ex, Judy, and their son, Evan, are all happily having dinner... If this was an Algebra problem, it would look like this:

H + J + E = Birthday Dinner

At some point, Hubs looked over and who did he see? At the same restaurant?

My ex-Hubby, Tom(T1). Having his OWN birthday dinner (his birthday was Oct. 9th), with his 2nd wife, Gayle(G), and our son, Taylor (T2).

That Algebra equation would look like this: T1 + G + T2 = Birthday Dinner.

Our suburb of Kansas City has a population of 84,000...with 150 restaurants to choose from...

What were the odds that my Hubby would end up in the same restaurant with my ex-Hubby, while dining with his ex-wife....??

Because we're all one giant happy family, they all met up at the same table to briefly chit-chat and acknowledge each other, and wish each other a Happy Birthday...

So, last night looked like this:

(H + J + E) PLUS (T1 + G + T2) MINUS DQ (Drama Queen/Me) DIVIDED BY (84,000/150)

And so "X" EQUALS : One very interesting Birthday dinner. That I missed. Drat.

I was never good at Algebra.



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