Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunrise on the Lake

Yesterday morning, I stumbled out of bed and sleepily made my way into the kitchen, on the hunt for some caffeine or chocolate or whatever I could forage first.

I was shuffling along, half awake, when suddenly, I stopped in my tracks.

Looking out the windows and out to the lake, the sunrise was coming up over the water, and this is what I saw:

My first response was, "Holy cow, that's beautiful!"

My second response was, "Crap." I wanted to take a photo so I could share this wondrous sight, but my camera was in my purse, which is in my car, which is in the cold, cold garage.

So, I went to the garage - barefoot - and then went out on my back deck - in my NIGHTGOWN and still barefoot - in the 40-degree temperatures, so I could take these photos.

Geesh...the things I do in the interest of this blog.




Mental P Mama said...

Well, I appreciate your sacrifice;) Great shots....

Emily said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for enduring some freezing cold feet so you could share these. :)

David said...

Thank you!

Terri said...

wow, all I can say is Thank you. awesome.