Friday, October 22, 2010

Family of the Day at WDW


My sister deserves good things after the horribly embarrassing fiasco of my mother posting a picture of her in her underwear on Facebook on Wednesday. That would be yesterday's post, if you missed it....

Well, yesterday, sister and her new blended family were chosen the "Family of the Day" at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Kinda' like "Queen for a Day" - but with Mouse ears, as my sister said.

Woot. Yay for her and her family!

I just wonder, as they were going on the parade, if anyone in the crowd said, "Wait a minute...isn't she the girl that was wearing her underwear and the garter belt on Facebook yesterday? I think I recognize her!"

No. I'm sure that didn't happen. Hee.



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Ellen said...

Oh my gosh, good for your sister, I mean the family of the day, not the underwear photo! That was hilarious. I can't believe your mom did that! Well, yes I can. I think my mom would have been naive enough to do something like that if she knew how in the first place. I can just hear her saying the same thing - "it was in good taste!" Really got a chuckle out of this. Thanks a lot.