Monday, October 18, 2010

My Turn to Woo

So, it was my turn to do the wooing this past weekend.

Hubs had woo'd last month, if you remember, with this little post here...

So, October is my month to take the horns and make the plans...not that I was trying to upstage him or anything, because really, that wouldn't be at all nice or fair, but can I help it if I love to make plans and do exciting and different things?

Saturday, we headed to downtown Kansas City to the Hyatt Regency, where a fantastic restaurant, Skies, sits atop. Skies is a revolving, rooftop restaurant that offers a very unique & exciting view of the Kansas City skyline, while dining on some fabulous food. We were 500 feet above the ground, giving us a bird's eye view of the entire city in it's fall-like glory below us....

We arrived for our 5:30 pm reservation and were promptly seated...

...and my first course was my drink of choice...which, if you knew that to be a chocolate martini, kudos to you! It was divine....

...we then had the jumbo lump crab cakes for an appetizer...these were near-perfect, with a delicate, crunchy crust, and a perfect blend of crabmeat, sweet corn puree, and a touch of grilled lime for some zing...

While nibbling on these, we enjoyed the views out of our windows...this is a great shot of our skyline here in Kansas City... Downtown was hoppin' on Saturday night, as Carrie Underwood was performing at the Sprint Center, which is that shorter, round building in the middle:

To the left of the Sprint Center is the Power & Light District, which has bars, restaurants and other entertainment's a great place to just hang out and spend an evening with friends.

Our entrees arrived shortly...I was having the crab-stuffed filet mignon, topped with a Jack Daniels peppercorn glaze, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes with a side of green beans:

Hubs had the seabass, served with asparagus orzo:

We both agreed that we each had the best dish...I don't eat red meat very often, but that filet was very good. I especially liked the mashed potatoes...creamy and with just the right amount of salt.

We then split the chocolate mouse, but I don't have a picture. I got so impatient to eat it, I forgot to take a photo until it was half-gone. Sorry. Trust me - it was delicious!

By then, the sun had set, and it was beautiful outside...

After dinner, we walked through the "Link" - a series of glass bridges that connect the Hyatt Regency with several other buildings close by, including the American Heartland Theater, our next stop for the evening.

We arrived at the theater with 10 minutes to spare - and so we were promptly seated to watch the show, "The Love List".

The Love List is a comedy that warns you to be careful what you wish for. Two men concoct a list of the attributes of the ideal woman - the "top ten" best qualities in a mate. When this allegedly 'Ideal Woman' actually arrives on the scene the men quickly learn that their list could use a few revisions...and this leads to some very humorous and outrageous moments.

We enjoyed this - a lot. It started off a little slow, but then picked up steam and rolled along.

On the way home, Hubs and I had a great time coming up with our own "Top 10" list of attributes we looked for in our partner - which led to some good discussion and some good belly laughs!

All-in-all, a very good date night. As it should be.




La'Tonya Richardson said...

It sounds like you all had a GREAT time! What was his comment about your plans?

My husband, would accidently on purpose, not make the best plans so he wouldn't have to do it again. He'd just keep relying on me to make great plans.

Terry said...

Oh had me with the chocolate martini!! I sooo need one right now!!
Nice blog!!